Also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation is a way to resolve and settle disputes without litigation. A mediator helps the disputing parties to come to a mutually satisfying agreement.

Mediation helps to find what is important to each party, clear up any misunderstandings, identify possible solutions, and then helps with negotiating an agreement. The mediator’s job is not to be a judge, but to facilitate fruitful discussion between disputing parties. He or she does not take anyone’s side while managing the mediation sessions, but is completely neutral.

The benefits of mediation are many. Usually, it’s a quicker, more cost-effective process that can significantly reduce court fees, attorney fees, and the length of the process.

J. Patrick Stapleton is a Rule 31 Listed General Civil and Family Mediator, which means he has been trained and has met the conditions required to be listed as general civil and a family mediator by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission (ADRC) of the Tennessee Supreme Court. Mr. Stapleton can therefore mediate all types of civil disputes from personal injury cases to breach of contract cases, as well as cases involving families such as divorce and child custody.

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