Wills, Estates, & Probate

Estate planning is an important tool to help us plan for end of life issues as well as to help our loved ones deal with our remaining affairs after we are gone. Estate planning is unique to the individual based upon what assets and debts you have, and based on your stage of life. Estate planning for a young couple with minor children will look significantly different than estate planning for the elderly with grown children, or for a single person with no children.

Sometimes, people want to over complicate their estate planning because of something they may have read, seen on television, or heard through other advertising. At the law firm of J. Patrick Stapleton, P.C. we help our clients determine the level of estate planning that will fit their unique needs. Our goal is to help you fashion the right plan for you, not to sell you something you do not need.

Many clients also tend to think of probate as an onerous process that they do not want their loved ones to have to deal with when they are gone. In most cases, probate is a relatively easy and straightforward process. Our firm also provides probate administration services, and can guide you through probate court process, from the initial filing for probate, through the administration of claims, the disbursals to heirs, and finally, the closing of the estate.

If you need advice with regard to your estate planning needs, be they the drafting of a will, powers of attorney for finances or healthcare, living wills, or guidance through the probate process in East Tennessee, you can count on the law office of J. Patrick Stapleton to provide you with expert legal advice.

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